As profits from their souvenir shop rose exponentially, Chester and Hester bought a nearby lot of land to build a small Dinosaur themed amusement park.

Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama provides much-needed fun for students, professors, and passing motorists. This roadside attraction includes games, rides, and laffs for all ages.

With signs everywhere, and a welcoming dinosaur that’s 3 stories tall, Dino-Rama is impossible to miss when driving along highway 498. Parking is only $2 and this lot fills up quickly.

On TriceraTop Spin you’ll soar through the air in giant tin toys around a vintage spinning top.

A recording from Chester & Hester themselves greets riders as they prepare to take flight, before the top comes alive with performing triceratops popping out and comets swirling by.

Board pseudo-time-machines through twists and turns, while dinos comically approach their extinction.

Primeval Whirl roller coaster is a playful parody poking fun at The Dino Institute’s Time Rovers. Scientists send you to the late cretaceous period, just before the massive comet impact.


Grab a tasty bite at Dino-Rama’s Dino Diner, or a quick snack at the popcorn stand.

Play Games

Win dino prizes in games of skill and chance.


Take home the fun with photos, face paintings, and souvenirs.

Dino-Rama is a sight of beauty when the sun goes down at night.

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