You never really know a town until you take time to know the locals. Meet the exciting faces that call Dinoland their home.

Dr. Bernard Dunn

Title: Professor and Dig Team Leader.
Field: senior paleontologist
Favorite Quote: “Get to work!” – Dr. Bernard Dunn
Species: “Dunnicus Strictus”
Location: “In our face”
Characteristics: “old school”

While still a young boy, Dr. Dunn was a member of the very first dig team that developed our now famous Boneyard. He spent nearly all of last year excavating fossils in China before returning as Dig Team Leader here in Florida.

Dr. Dunn is planning an upcoming week long trip to Dinosaur National Monument and looking for someone to house-sit his place. If you are interested you must be tidy, responsible, trustworthy, fastidious, a nonsmoker, and no pets, visitors, or fun allowed.

Dr. Helen Marsh

Title: D.I. President
Office: Dino Institute Research Lab – Dinoland Florida 55598-9054

After an intense one-year search, the Institute’s Executive Committee originally appointed Dr. Helen Marsh as the new Director of the Dino Institute, prior to becoming President. She has developed a reputation as the “Midas of the Museum World” by transforming several cash-poor operations into box office bonanzas. Marsh is most noted for bringing “Splashtastic!” to the Center for Aquatic Studies and her most recent book, “Finding the Bucks in the Bones: An Econometric View of Paleontological Field Research” has received wide acclaim.

Diana Sore

Title: Museum Director
Phone: 555-3466

Diana Sore is currently on the lookout for a new Head of Research at the Dino Institute, stable personality is a must!

Dr. Grant Seeker

Title: Friendly controller & a heck of a paleontologist (if he does say so himself)

Grant Seeker, like his brother, is a paleontologist and obsessed with dinosaurs. When he isn’t talking about dinosaurs, you can tell he’s thinking about them. He’s particularly fascinated with the Iguanodon and believes, since iguano bones were the first dinosaur bones discovered, that it’s only fitting an Iguanodon should be the first living dinosaur studied.

Rumor has it that Grant Seeker is planning an unauthorized field trip for his nephew, Will Seeker, and other guests to the late Cretaceous Period in hopes of bringing back an Iguanodon to study. According to a lost and found classifieds ad, he recently lost a manuscript for a research paper on time travel, so it doesn’t look like he’ll be planning that field trip any time soon.

Jonathan Blaine

Title: Chrono-Tech President

Jonathan is not necessarily a local but is the president of Chrono-Tech, a small relativity lab in Arizona. He wrote the article “Temporal Peregrination and Artifact Recovery: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Time Management in Paleontological Field Research,” which appeared in the December issue of Modern Paleontologist. That article is what caught Helen Marsh’s attention and led to the Dino Institute acquiring worldwide rights to a trans-dimensional research project they originally developed.

Dr. Shirley Woo

Title: Professor
Field: Paleo-Environmentalism
Favorite Quote: “Show yourself more human than critical and your pleasure will increase.” – Domenico Scarlatti
Species: “Maternicus proridia alluyus”
Location: “All over the place”
Characteristics: “Brainy June Cleaver”

Shirley Who has had a long and distinguished association with The Boneyard research program and is currently giving a lecture titled, “Maiasaura, Mother of the Year: An examination of Nesting Behavior”. Also, if you are looking for a used VW van, in good condition, giver her call at 555-7767.

Chester and Hester

Chester and Hester are two local entrepreneurs who share a love for whimsical decor, and both believe dinosaurs are (much like life) meant to be fun. Be sure to stop by their gas station turned gift shop and dino themed amusement park. You’re unlikely to see them in person but you can hear them over the speakers at Dino-Rama. You can also say “Hello” to their cousins operating Chester and Hester’s rides, attractions, and shops.

Clarence P. Wilkerson

Title: Benefactor

Dr. Eugene McGee

Title: Principal researcher & professor
Field: Physiology
Species: “Brillientia stubborness unusualis”
Location: “Out to lunch”
Characteristics: “Lunatic”
Favorite quote: “Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.” – Thomas Henry Huxley

Eugene McGee joins Dino Institute from the Institute of Paleo-aquatic Studies, where he is well known for his radical ideas. Most notably his theory that the Loch Ness Monster is real, and is in fact an Elasmosaurus.

Dr. Tina Lee

Title: Author

Tina Lee is former boneyard team leader, a world-renowned lecturer, and a pioneer in the field of nitropaleontology. Her current lecture topic is, “Blasting Your Way to the Lucrative Lecture Circuit”.

The graduate students this year are…

Jenny Weinstein

Field: Group Dynamics
Species: “Beauticus shartara”
Location: “Beyond reproach”
Characteristics: “Born Leader”
Favorite Quote: “One hundred percent of the shots you don’t take, don’t go in.”

Sam Gonzales

Field: Taphonomy
Species: “Trivalia dinosauria encyclopedis”
Location: “Above it all”
Characteristics: “Computer brain”
Favorite Quote: “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Sam Gonzales was actually born at The Boneyard!!

Mark Rios (aka “Animal”)

Animal appears to be the main prankster and party animal around here. He’s always passing on messages to Jenny and hosts poker at his place, at 7:00 pm

Species: “Extremis activitus sarcastica”
Location: “Unknown”
Characteristics: “Paleo-genius”